7 Lessons learned as I watched my son learning to walk

As a watched my son learning to ride his bicycle, I had a flashback of him learning to walk. I pondered to myself and took a serious look at my mirror, my life and ask myself a few questions:-

  1. How does a baby know what to do to begin walking?
  2. What new goal have you accomplished lately?
  3. Why have you ended up achieving less as you got older?
  4. What has changed over time?
  5. How do you know if what you’re doing is going to help you get what you want?
  6. What if you’re wasting you’re energy doing the wrong things?

Since my son never walked before, I truly wondered, if it was easy for him to fulfill  his goal to walk, and I know for sure, he doesn’t remember trying? I could see his effort as he got up, tried to balance himself, only to fall to the floor. He didn’t quit trying? Absolutely not, he keep trying for days and months until he could finally walk.

The fascinating thing is that almost every baby I know eventually learns to walk (I did it, so did my husband, my daughter and you’ve probably done it as well). We were all born with the innate ability to achieve what we want.

As a child, nobody worried or doubted whether or not we would eventually walk, cry, sing, talk, smile or run. We naturally kept trying until we achieved our goals. A baby learns by doing, adjusting their action and repeating until they achieved their goal. I don’t believe they do excessive strategic thinking or planning. We already believe our success will be a foregone conclusion!

When was the last time you believed any result was a foregone conclusion?


If you really want to live a full life, start setting your goals across various areas of your life, such as:-

  • losing weight
  • keeping fit
  • become financially independent
  • finding your dream job/career
  • growing spiritually
  • find your passion

you need to truly believe that if you keep at it, you will get the results you want.

No matter where you are on your journey of life, here are 9 ways to ensure  you are not a wandering generality:

  1. Surround yourself with proof
    • The more you surround yourself with evidence of success, the stronger your belief of inevitable success.
  2. You have to show up in order to keep trying
    • Showing up is way more than half the battle.
  3. You will always be tested by negative people, ignore them any way
    • As we get older, skeptics, cynics and pessimists grow in numbers. As babies, we were surrounded by people confident in our success and willing to help us along the way, because they have already achieved what we are trying to achieve. As our goals get audacious, there are fewer persons who have achieved what we want to achieve so the natural reaction is being skeptical and to dissuade us from continuing on because they truly believe it is not possible.
  4. Intensity matters
  5. Emotion follows motion
  6. The effectiveness of your accountability, and coaching to achieve your goal, depends on the relationship.
  7. Progress will come with pain
  8. Most of our limitations lie between our ears, so we have take a deep dive on understanding your limiting beliefs
  9. Embarrassment won’t kill you, but fear of embarrassment might.

The key is to persevere and keep trying until you reach your goals and the only way to do that is having faith that your success is a foregone conclusion!


Winston Churchill said “never, never, never give up”!

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