Build Winning Habits in Our Noisy World

Gaining control over our current habits is easier said than done. There seems to be no easy way or quick fix in mastering good habits and most of us will go on for years without considering the fact that we can construct or change our habits. With intentionality, we will see the fruits of our labour, if we have just develop the hungry and drive for change. Habits are products of our behaviour, accumulated after several repeated instances, the action eventually begins to stick. The behaviour lives in human nature and we are driven to seek routine in our daily lives from birth. Everyone is looking for safety and safety comes from predictability. Whether the habit is positive or negative is irrelevant and the process of developing a habit certainly takes time. Moving from an unconscious state to a conscious state required dedication. To become consistent means understanding that the greatest power lies in the present moment of our choices and decisions.

Instant Gratification Not An Option

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We live in a society that thrives on instant gratification. Over time, we become hardwired to expect that our desires will be immediately satisfied. However, when it comes to achieving any worthwhile goal which requires pulling on some good habits, the rules of the game are very different. Typically, to be success in most fields, it initially requires committing ourselves to taking consistent daily action for next to no reward. The rewards will come over time, however at the start of the endeavour, we have to put in the work with very little to show for our efforts. And this is of course where consistency in action comes into play. We must consistently apply ourselves to something over an extended period of time in order to reap the long-term rewards.

Full Dedication Completely to the Task

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  • It means to fully stay engaged without distraction.
  • To requires a commitment on your part.

It requires commitment to the task for a sustained effort of action over the long-term. This means being true to my word and others that we will follow through consistently over a period of time until the moment the objectives are achieved. As such, consistency is all about the ability to be reliable, resilient and dependable for all actions, choices and decisions.
Consistency is about building small empowering routines that you partake in every day to support you being focused on your highest priorities and goals. It comes down to your ability to hold yourself accountable for the daily choices you make with no complaints and excuses. All responsibility depends on me. To be consistent means, focusing on the present moment while maintaining a long-term view that helps you measure your results and the impact of your daily actions. Consistency is all about repetition. It’s about repeating the same actions (routines) over and over again; gaining feedback from these actions, and adjusting them to help you stay on track as you work towards your goal.

Building consistent winning habits will require:-

  • Keeping your eye on your why
  • Schedule, schedule, schedule
  • Streamlining your focus
  • Asking for help and feedback
  • Being kind to yourself
  • Having fun

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