8 things you can leave behind in 2015

2015 is officially history and 2016 is a blank canvas with 366 days, all of 8784 hours.


Will you be intentional about creating an extraordinary year in 2016? If you have floated with the tide in 2015 and you’re not content with where you’ve landed, then get started now!

This is an invitation for you to start 2016 by leaving something behind. Take some big audacious steps towards your vision, to dream, listen to your life, focus on what’s truly important in this season or even dream bigger dreams. In the face of big goals, we somewhat want to do the easy things first and then we drift. We float with the tide of the demands of our jobs, family commitments or over commitments , or whatever relaxation time we can squeeze in. We get very comfortable and we settle instead of striving for something better. Let’s learn to step outside of our comfort zones!

How will you have a strong foundation on which to build your best life? Could that even mean starting a fresh start, if necessary reboot please!
Building a vision on a foundation with murky water such as unfinished business, unresolved issues, hurts or regrets can and will prevent our vision from being fully realized.

Now, is the best time to let go of any:
1. Attitude
2. Project
3. Relationship
4. Issues

What things do you need to leave behind in 2015?

Decide and make a list of certain things that you will not to carry into 2016

(1) Procrastination
(2) Negative attitude
(3) Status symbols
(4) A business failure or a job loss
(5) A broken heart
(7) Activities that you’re definitely not passionate about
(8) Failures and mistakes
(9) Grudges and Unforgiveness

Action this week
Invest 30 minutes everyday for the next 7 days and make your leave behind in 2015 list and sign it!

Take the necessary steps to be purposeful and begin the year with a blank canvas, whatever it takes to make it happen, a simple decision, a phone call you need to make or a conversation you need to have.


Get going!

What is the most difficult thing for you to let go of?
What will it take for you to let go and move forward?

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